Write Mayor and Council

Write to Vancouver Mayor and Council and tell them NO to an expanded Edgewater mega-casino in our downtown core. Either use the City of Vancouver’s own feedback form or Click here to write your own email. Or just send your own concise email (a few lines is fine) to:

mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca, gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca, michael.magee@vancouver.ca, geoff.meggs@vancouver.ca, tim.stevenson@vancouver.ca, ellen.woodsworth@vancouver.ca, suzanne.anton@vancouver.ca, david.cadman@vancouver.ca, andrea.reimer@vancouver.ca, kerry.jang@vancouver.ca, clrlouie@vancouver.ca, heather.deal@vancouver.ca, george.chow@vancouver.ca, vancouvernotvegas@gmail.com

Please note! When you look at the City’s form, notice they are calling this a “rezoning” application. It is far more than that. The second paragraph mentions 1500 slots, which means this is the equivalent of building two new casinos downtown, in addition to the current Edgewater Casino. What they have done here is to hide a whole slew of gambling licensing applications inside what only seems to be an innocuous rezoning application. Also note that the City will only be notifying residents within a 2-block radius of the casino site of the public hearings, despite the fact that this ranks among one of the most massive casino complexes on the continent outside of Vegas. This issue should be something that all Vancouverites ought to be made aware of. Keep your ears open for the hearing dates, because most of us will not be notified. Hearings start on Thurs Feb 17 but will likely continue for several days.

Be polite  in your feedback but be very firm. At the very least, tell City Hall that this issue is too big to be dealt with in this rushed, non-transparent manner, and that as a Vancouver citizen you demand fuller public consultation and extensive hearings on the many ramifications of this massive complex on our city.

You can also write Mayor and Council an email by following the instructions below:

Copy the letter below, then click here to write a letter to Mayor Robertson and City Council.

Paste in the subject line and letter below. Sign your name (and, if you desire, your address). Feel free to make any changes you like, but keep your letter short and polite for maximum efficacy. Thank you!

Subject line: I oppose the Edgewater Casino expansion and call for a moratorium on gaming expansion

Dear Vancouver Mayor and City Council:

I am writing to oppose the expansion of gaming in Vancouver and the building of the new expanded Edgewater mega-casino.

Not only would the proposed Edgewater forever change the face of our downtown core. It also represents a tripling of gaming in our municipality.

Vancouverites have not been adequately consulted on either of these two significant changes to the face of our city. We must be given a chance to have our say.

I urge you to call a moratorium on all gaming expansion until citizens have been properly consulted via an extensive public consultation process of your choosing, as is done in other cities and jurisdictions across North America.

Furthermore I urge you to sever the application for gaming expansion from the Edgewater rezoning application, so that we may have a public discussion about gambling expansion.

We don’t need the ills assocatied with casinos, the crime, misery, addiction and destitution, the unsavoury clientele, the poor architecture and urban planning, and the highly questionable economics.

I don’t believe that a mega-casino is really your vision for our city either. Please give  Vancouverites a chance to fully participate in this discussion with you.

Vancouver is a great city. Let’s keep it that way.


[your name]

[your address]


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