Electrifying testimony of US professor & expert on gambling, economics and urban design

Long video, but engaging and worth watching.

Goodman is a Professor of Economic Development, Urban Planning and Environmental Design at Amherst in Massachussetts. He was retained in the early 90s by the Ford Foundation to carry out a study of the economic costs and benefits of legalized gambling. The original study was done for local governments who were trying to decide whether to allow gambling expansion.

The video of Goodman was is from a 2008 public hearing for a proposed gambling expansion in Philadelphia. Goodman makes clear that he has no moral objections to gambling and is himself a gambler. His study of over 200 towns has shown that with very few exceptions the introduction of gambling has had serious adverse affects on business.

Click here for a summary of his evidence before Congress (pdf). It was published in the Fall 1995 edition of Economic Development Review.


3 Comments on “Electrifying testimony of US professor & expert on gambling, economics and urban design”

  1. Monica Drake says:

    Need some context here: where and when was this man Robert Goodman presenting his views? Was it to the US House of Representatives’ Rules Committee? Was it to a US state? And was he speaking about an application for a casino license? What was the outcome?

    Context, please!

  2. Sandy Garossino says:

    Very important notes on location near residential area. The closer to residential areas, the higher the problem gambling.

    25-55% of gambling revenue is derived from problem gamblers.

    Problem gamblers devastate the lives of those around them.

    Etc., etc, etc. Extremely strong testimony.

    Of course in Vancouver, he would not be allowed to say this, because he would only get 5 minutes.

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