Speeches by Bing Thom, Peter Ladner and Sandy Garossino

Three members of our Vancouver Not Vegas! Coalition speak out against the proposed Edgewater mega-casino.


One Comment on “Speeches by Bing Thom, Peter Ladner and Sandy Garossino”

  1. Michael Cox says:

    The Vancouver Sun quotes David Podmore saying: “I don’t think there would have been this stir if it hadn’t been for the government making these changes to the social, arts and culture grants” (March 1). But, as Peter Ladner later comments in the same article, this is about more than gambling, its about how we, the people who live here, want to see our city grow. And so I am changing my two or three minutes in front of the hearing at city hall from comments about addiction–there will be no shortage of those who are concerned, rightly, about that issue–to comments about the city, its livability, and the way the downtown peninsula is becoming a playpen for the wealthy, and that the sheer size of this “entertainment complex”, including the two stadiums, has gotten out of hand. We who live here don’t want to “freeze” the city’s growth, to hold it to some particular moment in history, but we also don’t believe it should be jam-packed with mega projects which, as we well know, do not necessarily bring more life to the streets: think of the convention centre plaze, which has been ruined by the inclusion of the useless, flameless Olympic cauldron; think of the rebuilding of the Robson Square south side, and how it SHOULD be a plaza and not a through-way–we don’t get a say in these things. Now, we have spontaneously decided enough is enough. It is like the freeway debate: the citizens are fed up with being bulldozed by developers and pushed around by provincial crown corporations who operate as if the city were a gold mine and all they have to do is dig it out. Enough, I say. Enough.

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