How you can help us today

This casino plan can be defeated. It’s looking promising, but we need your help to win. No Dice!

1.  JOIN our website – subscribe on the right-hand sidebar. This allows us to send you (infrequent) info & appeals for help.

2. Sign up to speak City Council at the Feb. 17 public hearings – Tell them “No Dice.” Dial 311 or 604-873-7191. Or simply come sit in the gallery with us.

3. Write to Vancouver Mayor and Council. Use the City of Vancouver feedback form or Click here to write your own email.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

4. Sign our Petition.

5. Volunteer! Send us an email.

Thank you, Vancouver! This is OUR home. Don’t let them roll the dice on our city’s future.

Position Statement of the Vancouver Not Vegas! Coalition

Our position: On February 1, 2011, Vancouver City Council passed a motion calling for a full public review of gaming in the Province of BC.

1. The Vancouver Not Vegas! Coalition asks Vancouver City Council to pass a moratorium on the granting of new gaming licenses in Vancouver until that public review has taken place;

2. We further ask that City Council sever the appended Edgewater application for increased slot machines and gaming tables from the PavCo Re-Zoning Application of 777 Pacific Boulevard. We ask that the Edgewater application be re-commenced ab initio with proper notice to the public of the extent of the expansion sought.


One Comment on “How you can help us today”

  1. Margaret J Wong says:

    Casino benefits the rich investors and bankrupts citizens of Vancouver

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