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There has been ANOTHER RESCHEDULE FOR THE CASINO PUBLIC HEARING DATE—it’s now Monday March 7, 7:30 pm at City Hall.  

Please keep signing up to speak (one sentence is fine), plan to attend, write letters and sign the petition!  Instructions and links are below.

NOTE: you may notice on the City Schedule that the 777 Pacific Ave application is being heard the week of Feb 21, but that’s not our casino issue – that is other aspects of the rezoning. Don’t show up this week unless you want to address those other rezoning issues.


Position Statement of the Vancouver Not Vegas! Coalition:

Vancouver Not Vegas opposes the proposed expansion of Edgewater Casino and calls for a moratorium on all expansion of gambling in Vancouver.


Your participation will help us defeat the proposed Edgewater mega-casino. It’s looking very promising, but we need your letters, your presence at the hearings, and your short speeches. Help us urge our City Council to say “No Dice!” to the BC government’s application for massive gaming expansion in our downtown. For news and blog posts, click here.

Please help by doing the following:

1. Sign up to speak City Council at the NEW DATE: Monday March 7, 7:30 public hearings at City Hall. Even just a few sentences to Council is enough. Dial 311 or 604-873-7191 to sign up.  

2. Sit with us in the Council Chamber on the evening of Monday March 7, 7:30 pm at City Hall, as well as subsequent dates (TBA – check City Schedule).

3. Write to Vancouver Mayor and Council. Use the City of Vancouver feedback form or Click here to write your own email. Or just send your own concise email to: mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca, gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca, michael.magee@vancouver.ca, geoff.meggs@vancouver.ca, tim.stevenson@vancouver.ca, ellen.woodsworth@vancouver.ca, suzanne.anton@vancouver.ca, david.cadman@vancouver.ca, andrea.reimer@vancouver.ca, kerry.jang@vancouver.ca, clrlouie@vancouver.ca, heather.deal@vancouver.ca, george.chow@vancouver.ca, vancouvernotvegas@gmail.com

4. Sign our Petition.

5. JOIN our website – subscribe on the right-hand sidebar. This allows us to send you (infrequent) info & appeals for help.

6. Volunteer! Send us an email. Thank you, Vancouver! This is OUR home. Don’t let them roll the dice on our city’s future.

The video above is compelling (and at times disturbing) testimony by Professor Robert Goodman on the often faulty economics and other problems of gaming expansion. It’s a long video, but fascinating and well worth watching. Goodman is a professor of economic development, urban planning and environmental design at Amherst. He was Director of a two-year study funded by the Ford Foundation conducted at U. Mass Amherst that looked at the costs and benefits of gambling expansion throughout the US. He focused particularly on economic issues, but also on social issues as viewed from the standpoint of their economic costs. He was also the director of the US Gambling Research Institute and helped set up the federal government’s National Gambling Impact Study Commission. His comments on the “it’s a done deal” argument are amazing. He remarks that when you are accused of “tilting at windmills” you should remember that the writers of the US Constitution were accused of the same thing. Here in Vancouver, citizens fighting the freeways in 70s were told the freeways were a done deal, and today we are one of the only North American cities free of freeway blight. Excellent video – and some of the best moments are in the Q&A at the end.

Above: a “before” photo, without casino (and before stadium roof was removed). Below: proposed casino location and design.

Proposed Vancouver mega-casino

Proposed Vancouver mega-casino

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